An insight into the main factors home buyers explore when moving home

If you are looking at moving home in Beverley, you may be trying to weigh up pros and cons of an area to see whether it is the place for you! Beverley offers a variety of landscapes and areas fit for every buyer.

City vs Countryside

Whether you prefer being in the rush of the town centre where you are close to shops, transport links and places of work, or you would like to be nestled in the calm and peaceful countryside, it’s important to list out where your preferences are. These could be for your benefit of yourself e.g looking for a rural area to get away from the town centre where you may work or it could be for convenience e.g living in the town centre so you are close to transport links or commuting.

Transport links

Transport links can be key for people who need to commute and may not drive or are looking for a cheaper alternative to get about. With this in mind, it may be best to look into the type of transport links there is from Beverley like the bus and even the road links surrounding it like motorways. As well as this, it’s good to look into the costs of transport links.

School & education

In the situation where you have children or you are planning on starting a family, finding a place with a school nearby may be at the top of your agenda. We do recommend that you research the range of schools that Beverley has to offer and you will be able to see further information regarding Ofstead ratings and where the school ranks on the league table.


Naturally, you will be listing the facilities you would like to be near whether it’s amenities you need or would like. By listing out the wants and needs, you can be able to choose your dream home if you are stuck between two options. For example, would you rather live in a property that is near a supermarket for your weekly shopping or would you want to be located near the gym?

We do find many people prefer having a shop on their route home but some would like to have a gym on their route home from work. For those with children, they may prefer to have a park nearby.

Friends & Family

One of your preferences may be that you would like to be located closer to friends and family. Through our experience as a Mortgage Broker in Beverley, one of the reasons why people may look at Moving Home in Beverley is to be near friends and family. This may be a brilliant idea if you are looking for some support nearby if you are in need or, for some, this may be for childcare.

On the other hand, you may find you move into an area within Beverley with a welcoming community who will help where they can with anything you need and you may prefer leaving further away.

Value for money

Looking for a property that is not only within your budget but is ‘good value for money’ may be important you. Keep in mind that the price range of properties does heavily depend on the area you are looking. If you’re looking for a property on the reasonable side, you may need to dismiss some of your wants.


This can be a prominent point for homebuyers who are moving into a new area where they don’t know anyone there meaning they may heavily rely on communicating support and spirit to settle them in. One way you can find out about the community spirit in Beverley is by asking your estate agent who will have the knowledge you need for this.

Alternatively, many communities do have Facebook groups or local websites dedicated to the community where they may promote many events, club and activities that is going on in the area and could be helpful for you if you are looking to be an active part of the community.

First time buyers in Beverley may move into a new build within Beverley which will mean they won’t be the only new people on the street. If you are in this situation, it’s important to build a community with your fellow neighbours.


Another big event that can effect you moving is starting a new job or career in a different area. This may help with how far you want your property to be from home whether it be a short walk away or a 20 minute car drive,. If you are job hunting after your move, it’s important you look into what places of work there is in Beverley as well as the leading employers in the area.

Property Type

When it comes to property, that are a variety available on the market for home buyers. Your dream home may be an end-terrace with a large garden or it may be a modern, two bedroom apartment within the town. Either way, look through the types of properties on offer and see which one is the most appropriate one for you!


If you are propert hunting for a home that you will want to live in for the foreseeable future, it may best to find out any current or future investments in the area to see whether it will be impacted or benefit you. For example, a new housing development nearby may not be ideal if you are looking for a property in a quiet, rural area. Therefore, this could be a massive deciding factor for you and one that may help you weigh up your options.

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Date Last Edited: January 17, 2024